Night Diving Adventure with Gerzon

Night diving may very well be one of the best memories and diving encounters you have ever had.

Night Diving in Puerto Morelos is a whole new encounter! You will find that the coral reef is much more vibrant and alive with color than you have ever seen during the day. If you are a certified diver, this is a can’t miss opportunity!

What we’ll do

On this Night Diving Adventure, all the equipment you will need will be provided, including a diving flashlight that will allow you to admire the wonderful marine life during the night.

This dive will take place at the Ojo de Agua in Puerto Morelos just before sunset. After we prepare our equipment, I will provide the dive plan and explain the communication that we will use to safely dive at night. For this experience, we will enter the water from the shore. The dive will last 45-50 minutes or 700 psi (whichever comes first). This is a shallow dive with a maximum depth of 18 feet.

Night diving is an amazing experience because the darkness allows you to focus on sensations and marine life that differ from those during the day. Fish you see during the day find places to hide and those that sleep during the day come out to play and eat. The marine life that comes out after sunset is spectacular and you’ll only be able to see it once the sun has set, and the sky goes dark. You have the possibility to see octopus, lobsters, shrimp, moray eels, many different species of fish and many other nocturnal living organisms. 

What else you should know

This activity is for Certified Divers ONLY (open water divers, advanced, etc). You must show your certification card and be able to fill out the health questionnaire and liability form in order to participate.

What I’ll provide

All required scuba gear; mask, fins, regulator, BCD, weight belt, weights, underwater flashlight, and a tank.

What to bring

Towel, Swimsuit & Scuba Diving Certification Card


TIME: 1.5 hours

Maximum Group Size: 6

Age requirement: ages 16 and up.

***For safety reasons this activity is dependent on weather conditions***

You can order this service on booking confirmation page.

An experience you will never forget!