Aqua Guesthouse Terms & Conditions 

Guests are required to send a copy of their passport prior to arrival to info@aquaguesthouse.com.

Guests are required to provide a damage deposit in the amount of $300.00 USD upon arrival. To receive your damage deposit upon checkout, please schedule a walk through with Sarah or Gerzon, or an employee of Aqua Guesthouse prior to checking out. If the deposit was made via PayPal or Credit Card, you will receive this within 14 days or check out. Damage deposits are returned in full when there is no damage to the apartment, its contents, or property beyond normal wear and tear. No linens are lost or damaged. The renter is not evicted by Aqua Guesthouse or local law enforcement. In the event of charges/fees described above, the Guest agrees that Aqua Guesthouse will deduct the amount from the Damage Deposit and the Guest will pay any amount owed in addition to the damage deposit prior to departure. 

CHECK IN is after 4:00pm. If you require an earlier check in time, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you whenever possible. 

CHECK OUT is by 11:00am. Please inquire with us if you need a late checkout, prior to your departure day and we will accommodate you whenever possible. An additional hourly fee may be charged for a late check-out.


  • The maximum occupancy for Aqua Guesthouse apartments are 2 people per apartment. Use of the apartment and its common areas is limited to persons reserved in this rental agreement.
  • Smoking is expressly forbidden within the confines of Aqua Guesthouse, including any apartment and the area inside the front gate of the property. A violation of this policy will incur a $300 USD charge for each violation. Aqua Guesthouse retains the right to terminate the remaining reservation without issuing a refund for any breach of the smoking regulations. Furthermore, charges may be levied to cover the costs of repairing any resulting damage.

  • Pets are not permitted. 
  • Guests are responsible for any damages and/or missing items and will be charged at the time of checkout at the respective replacement value.
  • All charges accrued during the stay outside of the rental fee are to be paid prior to departure.
  • Onsite parking is provided to our guests. Use of parking is done at your own risk and Aqua Guesthouse will not accept responsibility for damage, accident or theft. 
  • Your reservation does not include transportation (airport-apartments). For information on booking transportation, please contact Aqua Guesthouse directly. 
  • Please refrain from holding meetings or inviting outside visitors to your apartment. Only persons registered to the reservation at check-in may use the accommodation or be on the property.

  • One cleaning (including change of linens & towels.) will be provided once a week. If you wish to receive more frequent cleanings, this can be arranged for an additional cost.
  • Please make sure your doors and windows are locked when you leave your apartment. Each apartment is equipped with an in-room safe. If valuables, jewelry, and documents are not kept in the available safe, Aqua Guesthouse does not assume any responsibility for their possible disappearance.
  1. Unreturned or lost keys have a replacement value of $40 USD.
  2. Lost beach towels have a replacement value of $50 USD per towel.
  3. Lost Beach chairs have a replacement value of $100 USD per each chair.
  4.  Urinating in the bed, or blood on bedding; it may be an accident but it requires special cleaning. $30 USD. please bring stained bedding and or towels to our attention immediately so that they can be treated promptly and we can provide you with clean bedding and or towels. Please do not attempt to remove stains yourself.  
  5. Charges will be assessed for damage to furniture, bedding, walls that get stained, marked or burned. Excessive glass or plate breakage. 
  6. Lost remote controls for the air conditioner or TV have a replacement value of $40 USD
  • Please do not disturb other guests with loud noises in the apartments, patios or public areas, especially from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am.
  • Please promptly report any malfunction or failure to Aqua Guesthouse employees or owners.
  • Left and unclaimed items will be kept for a period of 1 week from your departure date. 
  • Please do not leave garbage in common areas. Garbage bins are located outside the front gate
  • Please  refrain from using glass cups or ceramic plates in the pool area.
  • Pool hours are 8:30am – 9:00pm
  • We have a bio-digester septic system. This means that Bleach, Muriatic Acid, Ammonia and grease can’t go down the drains. In addition toilet paper goes in the garbage can and not down the toilet. 
  • Aqua Guesthouse does not assume any liability for loss, damage, or injury to persons or personal property. Aqua Guesthouse is not liable for any inconvenience arising from temporary defects in utilities, loss, or damage caused by weather conditions, natural disasters, acts of God, or other reasons out of our control.
  • Failure to comply with the rules set out in this agreement may result in eviction without a refund. Additional charges will be assessed for any breaches of this agreement.

These rules are in place to ensure the comfort, safety, and enjoyment of all our guests. Your understanding and compliance with these policies are greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you for choosing Aqua Guesthouse; we look forward to hosting you.


By confirming my booking, I (Guest) hereby acknowledge that I have read the entire agreement and I agree to all of its terms and policies. **NOTE:** The “Guest” signing this agreement must be 24 years of age or older. This “Guest” agrees to be the individual responsible for renting this apartment on behalf of all guests, and is the individual responsible for complying with all required payments. The signing “Guest” is to be an occupant of the apartment during the entire reserved period. Aqua Guesthouse may not be rented to student groups under 24 years of age.